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How to Make Six Figures in Six Months

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

This is a great mindset tool, which shows that the pathway to making six figures may not be as difficult to navigate as many people think.

In this video (linked below), Peter Voogd, author of Six Months to Six Figures and founder of Game Changers Academy, shares his ideas and strategies for how someone can make six figures in six months.

One of the first steps, according to Voogd, is to find clarity on why you want that level of income and who you need to help you. “I didn’t want to be broke anymore,” said Voogd. “I focused on a six month vision that was inspiring, that was doable.”

Voogd advises entrepreneurs to simplify everything into a one page plan. To be successful, it is essential for potential business owners to:

· Develop a vision statement

· Figure out reasons why

· Identify necessary skills and knowledge

· Focus on one thing and do it well; eliminate clutter of multi-tasking

One of the habits and rituals that Voogd started applying to his life included developing a morning routine conducive to productivity. This involves being intentional, visualizing what a perfect day looks like and then setting a plan to make it happen.

“Everything I did in the morning was to make sure I had confidence leaving the house like I was in the best state of mind possible,” commented Voogd. “The first thing I would do was the toughest task or the income producing activity.”

Doing the things that are proven to make income is essential, and doing something that is unimportant well doesn’t make it more important. It’s not about how many hours you work; it’s about the quality of the work you put into the hours.

For the first 60 to 90 minutes of the morning, Voogd advises to focus on the most productive tasks, with no interruptions or distractions. “You always want to work 60 to 80 percent on things that are making profit for you and making money for your business, moving your business forward,” noted Voogd. “And I always say you should be working 20 percent on legacy focus things like a book, a program, song, an album, a podcast, something that’s going to be around for a long time. If you’re only focusing on a book and you don’t have money, you’re not going to make money till later.”

At the outset, entrepreneurs should focus on 80 percent profit producing activities and 20 percent legacy, but then it eventually switches. “Now I can do 80 percent legacy and make no money immediately, because I have the systems in place to make the life that I put through in the last couple years,” explained Voogd.

For Voogd, being healthy and passionate about what you do is paramount to developing a solid corporate culture and attaining a level of success. “Even the people I most respected, the people that I’ve looked up to since I was 14, I realized a lot of them were so focused on business and millions, but nothing on health, and a lot of them not even on relationships,” said Voogd. “So they’d be million dollar producers, but horrible parents or no health. So I wanted to follow people that have world class overall.”

These are the people that are game changers in every area of their life, Voogd explained. He also taught his team how to be healthier. “I said, guys, this is the competitive advantage. Nothing tastes as good as health feels,” Voogd commented. “And ever since I’ve been on the health kick, I’m more productive. I’m more creative. I’m more aware, I feel better. Every time I eat, I feel more vibrant and alive versus tired. This is an uncomfortable topic for unhealthy people. It’s uncomfortable.”

Being uncomfortable is essential to charting a path to personal growth. “Sometimes the things that you need to hear are not the things you want to hear,” added Voogd. Also, it’s critical to focus on your future self instead of doing things that provide instant gratification.

“I think our society is obsessed with instant gratification,” said Voogd, and instant gratification can get in the way of achieving long-term goals, especially when it comes to fitness.

One of the biggest takeaways from Voogd’s book is centered on mastery versus overload. There is so much information out there people can become overloaded and overwhelmed. “When you’re overwhelmed, you seek distraction,” Voogd notes, “and complexity is the enemy of execution.”

To be successful, people need to:

· Figure out their ideal outcome

· Identify what you want to accomplish in the next six months

o Should be based off personal skills

· Focus only on things that support your goals

“People are addicted to information and not outcomes,” concluded Voogd.

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