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About eXp Realty

With an innovative, cloud-based business model, eXp Realty is transforming the real estate industry.  Recognizing that agents are inherently mobile, eXp Realty has a secure online office, which allows for collaboration and shared learning from any location in the world.

Agents receive 50 hours of live training each week and a suite of tools and services to grow their business, all with no franchise fees, no royalty fees or desk fees. 

Agent Financial Rewards

Stop paying ridiculous fees!

Would you like to keep 80-100% of your commissions?  How about equity awards for various achievements?  All of this is possible at eXp Realty, where agents can receive a revenue share from the sales activity of the productive agents they sponsor into the company.

Plus, the company cap is only $16,000, and every agent has a unique opportunity to become a shareholder in the company.  To learn more about why many agents are calling eXp Realty a game-changer in the real estate world, email me or have a look at the presentation below.

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